LaSalle Language Academy
1734 North Orleans
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 534-8470
Principal: Elisabeth Heurtefeu
Assistant Principal: Leslie A. Schermerhorn

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LaSalle Language Academy is a Chicago Public Magnet School with a concentration on world languages and cultures. We offer students a choice of four world languages: Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish. Prior to Kindergarten, parents rank the four languages in order of preference. Children study the same language from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Education in the world language is as much a part of each child’s day as social studies, mathematics, science, language arts, and specialty subjects. With world language as one of the core subjects, the LaSalle academic program challenges all students to achieve excellence and an understanding of other cultures.

A mirror of the diversity of LaSalle’s international curriculum, the student population of 576 is 34.4 % Caucasian, 27.3% African American, 21.3% Hispanic, 16% Asian, and 1% American Indian.

The LaSalle Language Academy provides a rigorous academic curriculum and intellectual foundation to its diverse student body. The world language program, exceptional teachers, technology, and a high level of parental involvement serve as the cornerstone of a well rounded education. The LaSalle community teaches children to respect and embrace the diverse and interconnected world in which we live. LaSalle’s mission is to develop responsible, dynamic students of character who will go on to achieve and lead in a global world.

The LaSalle Language Academy community will create an environment that inspires in every child a love of learning, global understanding and respect for the uniqueness of each individual. LaSalle will develop graduates who are life-long, resourceful learners, and reflective, contributing citizens of the world.

LaSalle first opened its doors on January 10, 1881, with an expansion added in 1893. A new school building was constructed at the current location in the 1960s. LaSalle became a Magnet school with enrollment by lottery in 1981. The Magnet status means that LaSalle Language Academy is accessible via lottery for all students living in the City of Chicago.